Theatre ABC Books

Getting Started with Student Publishing (video)

If you need additional pictures that are not available in the program you can search for pictures from here and here. Some free theatre clip art can be found here , here here, and here. :)

If you use any type of file other than a JPEG you must copy the picture, open it in Microsoft Paint and save it as a JPEG file in order to upload it into the book. See the video if you have questions. You should also be able to use the clip art in Microsoft Word by importing it into Paint and using the steps on the video.


Book Cover should include your title and name (picture optional).
Title page just repeats the title and your name.
Dedication page, choose someone or something to dedicate your book to and write a short paragraph as to why.

Each page must have a word for that letter that has to do with theatre. Your book can include names of plays and musicals, Broadway actors, playwrites, choreographers, etc. and theatre vocabulary. You must also include a picture and a sentence to define or describe the word.

Author page, tell your readers about you!

The book is only allowed 12 pages. Your pages will be organized like this.
1--A, B
2--C, D
3--E, F
4--G, H
These pages must be complete by March 28.

5--I, J, K
6--L, M
7--N, O
8--P, Q
These pages must be complete by April 11.

9--R, S
10--T, U
11--V, W
12--X, Y, Z
These pages must be complete by May 2.

The entire book, including cover, title page, dedication page and author page is due on May 9.
Here are examples of what a page can look like.

abc drama.jpg