Click on the links below for some great sites to study, learn and play games about drama. If you take a quiz on any of these sites you can print your score and bring it to Ms. Starkey for extra credit!!!

Romeo & Juliet Video Game - Help Romeo find his Juliet in this fun video game.

Magnetic Poetry - Arrange the Shakespearean words to create a poem or sonnet in the style of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare for Kids

The Ministry of Shakespeare - Readings, discussion and interpretations of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Artopia - Meet an artist, be a critic, theatre history in one minute, learn how to build a set, costumes and more.

Tales from Shakespeare - Shakespeare's plays retold in story form.

Plotbot - Write your own screenplay.

Theatre History Timeline Performing Arts Timeline

Theatre History More Theatre History Even MORE Theatre History Wow, here's another dose of theatre history

Justin's Theatre Links - Links to definitions, types of plays, and people of the theatre.

Greek Theatre Medieval Theatre Renaissance Romanticism & Melodrama

More Greek Theatre

Guinea Pig Theatre - famous plays told with guinea pig cartoon actors. Great stuff!

The websites below are links to Creative Commons and copyright free music to use in presentations and film projects.






Free Sound Effects

The websites below are links to Creative Commons and copyright free pictures to use in presentations and projects.
Public Domain Pictures

Video Resources
Camera Shots and Angles

Moving camera action